Gadag, Dharwad District, Chalukyan, Kumaravyasa, Sri Trikuteshwara Temple, Sri Veera Narayana Temple, Lakkundi, Shirhatti
Gadag, Dharwad District, Chalukyan, Kumaravyasa, Sri Trikuteshwara Temple, Sri Veera Narayana Temple, Lakkundi, Shirhatti
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Gadag District was formed in 1997, when it was split from Dharwad District. Gadag is famous for printing press and handloom. In ancient days, Gadag was a renowned seat of learning. Gadag is a place of great antiquity. A number of late Chalukyan monuments (11th -12th centuries) in the city indicate its historic past. The Viranarayana temple here was built by the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana in about 1117 AD. Kumaravyasa, famous Kannada poet was born in the near by village of Koliwada.

Sri Trikuteshwara Temple
The Trikuteshwara temple was built by the early Chalukyas between 6th to 8th Centuries.

Sri Veera Narayana Temple
It is believed that the Veeranarayana Temple was built in the 11th Century. The legend says that Naranappa got the inspiration to narrate the epic only during the time he sat before the Lord in a holy posture in a wet cloth dried up. This temple attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year.

Sri Jagadguru Tondaraya Mutt
This is a 12th Century Mutt founded by Saint Tontada Siddalingeshwar Swamiji who was an accomplished Yogi.

Lakkundi is at a distance of 12 Km from Gadag. It was once the capital city of Chalukyan kngdom. Lakkundi is famous for 101 stepped wells which is also called Kalyani or Pushkarni.

Shirhatti is about 30 km from Gadag. An old fort, Arlingavva Mutt and the Mutt of Fakirsvami are main attractions of Shirhatti. A huge fair is held here once in a year in honor of the Fakirsvami.

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