Ikkeri, Sagar, Shimoga, Keladi rulers, Nagara, Kavaledurga, Aghoreshwara Temple, Vijayanagara Empire, Shimoga, Bangalore, Tumkur, Tiptur, Arasikere, Kadur, Mysore, Channarayapattana
Ikkeri, Sagar, Shimoga, Keladi rulers, Nagara, Kavaledurga, Aghoreshwara Temple, Vijayanagara Empire, Shimoga, Bangalore, Tumkur, Tiptur, Arasikere, Kadur, Mysore, Channarayapattana
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Ikkeri is a historical place located at a distance of 3 km from Sagar in Shimoga district.
The meaning of the word Ikkeri in Kannada language is Two Streets.

Ikkeri was the capital of the Keladi rulers for about 120 years. After Ikkeri the capital was moved to Nagara and then to Kavaledurga.

The prime attraction of Ikkeri is the Aghoreshwara Temple. The Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri was constructed by the Keladi Nayakas, who were once upon a time feudatories to the Vijayanagara Empire.

The Aghoreshwara temple in Ikkeri is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Temple looks with vast open outer space throughout the temple compound. The Aghoreshwara temple is found in a big rectangular compound which is on a slightly higher ground. Instead of the tower gateway (Gopura) to the temple compound a simple but superb cubical arch carved out of granite across the small passage with many steps.

As soon as you enter the temple, it is really simple to grasp the plan of the temples and other structures interior. The very first thing is an prominent shrine of Nandi in the axis of this main temple. It can be rare to get this kind of large Nandi image having a glasslike finish.

Right next to Nandi shrine is a big Balipitha and a number of smaller Balipithas. A Balipitha (the Altar Stone) is where ritual offerings for god are offered. A couple of feet ahead at open area number of broken carved stones kept arrange. Actually that is the ruins of main deity's image.

The porch of goddess's shrine in Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri is in the normal Vijayanagara style.

One can inquire the priest of the temple to get additional information. Priests of Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri are friendly and they are surely happier to explain the history of the temple.

Nearby Attractions

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How to get there (Ikkeri):

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Nearest Railway station: Shimoga and Sagar

Road: Ikkeri is well-connected by road network. Ikkeri is situated 3 km from the Sagar town. There are many bus services from various towns in Karnataka to Sagar. From Sagar town, you can take an auto-rickshaw to Ikkeri. Negotiate for a package including return to Sagar with a waiting time of about 1 hour at Ikkeri. Remember, if you leave to auto-rickshaw at Ikkeri, you may experience the difficulty to get another one to back to Sagar.

Route Map from Bangalore to Ikkeri:

Bangalore - Tumkur - Tiptur - Arasikere - Kadur - Shimoga - Sagar - Ikkeri

Route Map from Mysore to Ikkeri:

Mysore - Channarayapattana - Arasikere - Kadur - Shimoga - Sagar - Ikkeri

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