Koppal, Koppal fort, Itagi, Kukanoor, Madinoor, Indrakeela Parvatha, Kanakagiri, Pura, Chikkabenakal, Hirebenakal, Huligi, Koppal fort
Koppal, Koppal fort, Itagi, Kukanoor, Madinoor, Indrakeela Parvatha, Kanakagiri, Pura, Chikkabenakal, Hirebenakal, Huligi, Koppal fort
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Koppal district was separated from Raichur District. The history of Koppal can be traced back to the kingdoms of Shathavahanas, Gangas, Hoysalas and Chalukya Dynasties. The few historical places of Koppal district are Koppal fort, Itagi, Kukanoor, Madinoor, Indrakeela Parvatha, Kanakagiri, Pura, Chikkabenakal, Hirebenakal & Huligi. Koppal is the headquarters of the district. The climate of Koppal district is very hot and dry. The Thungabhadra reservoir at Munirabad is in the border of koppal taluk.

Anegundi is situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra. Anegundi was early capital of Vijayanagar empire. Anegundi is supposed to be a part of the mythical kingdom of Kishkinda in Ramayana. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman. Anegundi was a famous place during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. Even now there are old monuments and edicts. The few attractions of Anegundi are The places of interest here are Pampa Sarovara, Durga Devi Temple, Nava Brindhavana, Huchhappaiana Mutt and Chintamani Mutt. The annual festival called "Anegundi Utsava" is celebrated in a befitting manner every year.

Itagi in Yelburga taluk is popluar for ancient Mahadeva temple, which is one of the finest of the later Chalukyan temples. The temple was built in 1112 A.D

Kanakagiri is about 40 km from Koppal. Kanakagiri is located at Gangavathi-Lingasrgur road of Gangavathi taluk. The old name of Kanakagiri was Swarnagiri. Kanakagiri means a "Hill of God". Kanakagiri was the headquarters of the southern area of the Mauryan Empire. It is believed that saint Kanaka Muni, performed penance at this place. Kanakachalapati temple is one of the main temples. It is a fine example of soutn Indian architecture of the Vijayanagara times with its spacious halls and massive pillars. An annual fair which is held in the month of Phalguna, is largely attended.

Kukanoor of Yelburga taluk is about 32 km from Koppal. The group of temples that represents the early Chalukyan architecture is called the Navalinga group. Two other important temples are Kalleshwara temple built in Chalukyan style and Mallikarjuna temple.

Munirabad is about 32 km from Koppal. Tungabhadra reservoir construct across river Tungabhadra is main source of attraction for the tourists. The other attraction of Munirabad is Japanese-type ornamental garden known as Pampa Vana.

Pura in Kushtagi taluk is popular for its fine and spacious temple of Someshwara which has Koti Lingas. A big fair is held in month of Shravana every year.

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