Kumbhashi, Udupi, Gouthama Kshethra, Anegudde Ganapathi Temple, Harihara temple, Bhimasena, Kumbhasura, Gajapura, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chikmagalur, Karwar, Kundapura, Kollur, Karkala, Gokarna, Hattiangadi
Kumbhashi, Udupi, Gouthama Kshethra, Anegudde Ganapathi Temple, Harihara temple, Bhimasena, Kumbhasura, Gajapura, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chikmagalur, Karwar, Kundapura, Kollur, Karkala, Gokarna, Hattiangadi
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Kumbhashi is the very first holy place on the north of Udupi located at a distance of 31 Km from Udupi. Kumbhashi is also referred to as 'Gouthama Kshethra' or 'Gajapuri'. Anegudde Ganapathi Temple and Harihara temple are main attractions of Kumbhashi.


As per the legend, once upon a time there was a big famine and people who stayed here were suffering without food and water, to overcome this problem, sage Gouthama prayed Goddess Ganaga Devi. Ganga Devi was pleased from the prayers of Gauthama and with her divine blessing; he protected most of the Brahmins as well as other saints at this place. Therefore Kumbhashi is also generally recognized as 'Gouthama Kshetra' also it had been very popular for a very long time for all sacred activities Vedabhyasa (Learning of Veda), doing penance and Homa, Havana etc.

There is another story about Kumbhashi. During Dwapara Yuga a demon by name 'Kumbhasura' lived at this place and always used to trouble people. At the time Bhimasena visited this place, all sages requested Bhimasena to kill Kumbhasura. But this demon took a boon from Lord Shiva that he will receive half of the power of his rival. Bhimasena came to know about this and he was thinking to kill this demon and suddenly he heard a voice from heaven (Divyavani). The voice suggested Bhimasena to worsip placing sword in the trunk of an elephant. As per the instructions, Bhimasena worshipped Lord Viswambara (Lord Vishnu having head of elephant) in the elephant after that he killed Kumbhasura. It is also believed that Bheemasena killed Kumbhasura with the blessing of Shri Mahaganapathi.

You can find a wonderful temple of Lord Maha Ganapathi, at the top of a small hill, in Kumbhashi generally known as 'Gajagiri' or Anegudde and this place is also referred to as 'Gajapura'. Shri Mahaganapathi is very famed for quickly fulfilling the wishes of devotees and many people from faraway place visit Anegudde to offer sincere prayers to Lord Ganapathi.

You can find one more very rare as well as holy place, Sri Harihara temple, at the foothill, constructed above a water tank. Inside the Garbha Gruha, you can find a shivalinga as well as a small water spring. As per the legend, when all sages requested Lord Shiva to safeguard them from Kumbasura, Lord Shiva guaranteed all sages that Lord Hari and Lord Hara may come out from that location at the same time. The sages were requested to keep two vessels covered in the holy place and wait for a appropriate time. But the sages, in a very urgency, opened the vessel and found nothing. Once again they prayed the Lord and all sages were guaranteed that Bhimasena would reach to that location and slay the demon Kumbasura.

You can also find a small well inside the Harihara temple in Kumbhashi. The water of this small well is crystal clear moreover it is at all times full. People take this holy water as 'theerhta'. It is believed that Sage Goutham brought Ganga to this well. The Harihara temple is also renovated in recent times. You can find small temples dedicated to Lord Surya Narayana and Channa Keshava nearby. Additionally it is believed that there exists a cave called 'Yama Guha' plus the surrounding park is also called 'Madhuvana'.

Distance from Kumbhashi:

Bangalore: 434 Km
Mysore: 337 Km
Mangalore: 85 Km
Shimoga: 152 Km
Chikmagalur: 215 Km
Karwar: 186 Km
Kundapura: 7 Km
Udupi: 31 Km
Kollur: 45 Km
Karkala: 68 Km
Gokarna: 147 Km
Hattiangadi: 15 Km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Kundapur

Road: Kumbhashi well connected by road network. It lies on National Highway NH-17. Direct buses are available from Mangalore, Udupi, Kundapur and other main places of Coastal Karnataka.

Route map to reach Kumbhashi:

From Bangalore: via Nelamangala - Hassan - Sakaleshpura - Mangalore - Mulki - Udupi - Saligrama

From Mysore: via Hunsur - Kushalanagar - Madikeri - Sulya - Puttur - Mangalore - Mulki - Udupi - Saligrama

From Mangalore: via Surathkal - Mulki - Udupi - Saligrama (NH-17)

From Udupi: 70 Km via Saligrama on National Highway NH-17

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