Maranakatte, Kundapura, Kanchinakodlu, Mookambika, Marana homa, Brahmalingeshwara, Brahma Kunda, Adi Shankara, Makara Sankranthi, Mangalore
Maranakatte, Kundapura, Kanchinakodlu, Mookambika, Marana homa, Brahmalingeshwara, Brahma Kunda, Adi Shankara, Makara Sankranthi, Mangalore
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Maranakatte is located about 16 Km from Kundapura on the way towards Kollur. Maranakette is situated at a place called Kanchinakodlu.

It is believed that Goddess Mookambika performed a Marana homa after killing demon Mookasura at this place and hence the name Maranakatte. The main attraction of this place is attractive temple dedicated to Lord Brahmalingeshwara.

The Brahmalingeshwara temple is surrounded by the stream called Brahma Kunda. The Brahma Kunda stream flows to north of the temple. This stream enhances the scenic beauty of the forest and surrounded hills. It's a common practice that devotees who comes here take the holy dip in this stream and then continue to perform the rituals.

Lord Brahmalingeshwara is the main deity of this temple and by the sides of main deity there is Malyali Yakshi and Vata Yakshi and also two Dwarapalakas.

Apart for the Brahmalingeshwara temple at Maranakatte, you can also see a Sri Chakra Yantra near the temple. It is believed that this Sri Chakra Yantra was installed by Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankara. There is one more temple here called Daivada Mane, and it is dedicated to Sri Haiguli and Sri Huli Devaru.

The temple at Maranakatte is popular because of settling of disputes and promises uttered in the name of God which have a deep influence in the mind of the devotees. Devotees have a strong belief in the Gods being able to fulfill their wishes.

The annual festival is held on Makara Sankranthi day (Jan 14th or Jan 15th) every year.

Maranakatte is a wonderful place to enjoy nature, beauty of the forest, wildlife, river and much more. Don't miss this wonderful place while you are travelling from Kundapur to Kollur.

Sri Brahmalingeshwara Temple
Shree Kshethra Maranakatte
Kundapur Taluk
Udupi District

Phone: 08254-239231

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

Nearest Railhead: Kundapura

Road: You can hire a Taxi from Kundapur to visit Maranakatte.

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