Raichur, Rayachooru, Tungabhadra, Ek-Minarki Masjid, Bichal, Devarbhupur, Gabbur, Gandhal, Hatti, Kavital, Korva or Naradagadde, Kotekal, Lingsugur, Matmari, Mudgal
Raichur, Rayachooru, Tungabhadra, Ek-Minarki Masjid, Bichal, Devarbhupur, Gabbur, Gandhal, Hatti, Kavital, Korva or Naradagadde, Kotekal, Lingsugur, Matmari, Mudgal
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Raichur is also called as Rayachooru in Kannada. Raichur is also linked with episodes from the Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. Raichur is also a place of historical importance with a rich cultural legacy. Raichur was under the control of various empires like the Mauryas, Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagar and the Mughal Kings. Raichur district is ensconced between the Krishna on the North and the Tungabhadra on the South.

Ek-Minarki Masjid
Ek-Minarki Masjid is an interesting mosque built in Persian town. It has only one minaret, as its name itself suggests. The minaret, about 65 ft. high and 13 ft. in diameter, is built in Persian style and is identical in form with the Chand Minar at Daulatabad. From the top, one can get a beautiful view of the town.

Bichal, in Raichur taluk, is popular for Sri Saviradevaru Channaveera Shivacharya Swamy matha.

Devarbhupur is about 18 km from Lingsugur. Amareshwara temple is main attraction of Devarbhupur. Annual fair is held in moth of Phalguna attracts thousands of people.

Devarsugur is located on the right bank of the Krishna River in Raichur taluk. The main attraction of Devarsugur is Sugureshwara or Veerabhadra temple. Annual fair is held in moth of Margashira attracts a large number of people.

Gabbur has several old temples and inscriptions. The most important of the temples are those of Male-Shankara, Venkateshwara, Ishwara, Bangara Basappa and Hanuman.

Gandhal is about 33 km from Raichur. The main attraction of Gandhal a temple on a hillock dedicated to Panchamukhi Prana Devaru, Hanuman with five faces.

Hatti is located at a distance of 18 km from Lingsugur and 70 km from Raichur. Hatti is popular for its gold mines.

Kavital is located at a distance of 30 km from Lingsugur and 65 km from Raichur in Raichur-Lingsugur road. Kavital has several old temples and inscriptions. There is an attractive medieval temple in Kavital, called Tryambakeshwara temple.

Korva or Naradagadde
Korva is located 29 km north-east of Raichur. Korva is a beautiful island surrounded by the Krishna River. Korva is looked upon as a holy place and is popularly known as Naradagadde. It is believed sage Narada has performed penance here. A temple dedicated to Narada is built here.

Kotekal is located 18 km on the Raichur-Lingsugur road. Kotekal of Manvi taluk has two hillocks, each having a fort at its top.

Lingsugur town is headquarters of Lingsugur taluk. Neolithic implements like stone axes, hammers, flakes and cores and plain pottery were discovered here.
Matmari is located in raichur taluk. The main attraction of Matmari is temple dedicated to Veerabhadra and Sri Saviradevaru Channaveera Shivacharya Swami matha.

Mudgal or Mudugal is located at a distance of 17 km south-west of Lingsugur and 105 km from Raichur. Mudgal is a place of historical importance. Mudgal has a history dating back to the Yadava dynasty. The fort is main attraction of Mudgal. An ancient Roman Catholic Church built by the Jesuits before 1557 AD is other attraction of Mudgal.

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