Sakrebylu, Karnataka, Shimoga, Thirthahalli, Sakrebylu Elephant Camp, Mangalore
Sakrebylu, Karnataka, Shimoga, Thirthahalli, Sakrebylu Elephant Camp, Mangalore
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Sakrebylu is one of the important travel destinations of Karnataka and it is located in Shimoga district.
If you are travelling towards Thirthahalli from Shimoga just after 14 Km from Shimoga, you might have heard elephants reciting their training. If you are curious about this, then you should know about the place called Sakrebylu Elephant Camp.

Many elephants arrives Sakrebylu Elephant camp from the nearest forest and these elephants are trained by the training experts.

At Sakrebylu Elephant camp you can witness the daily routines of the elephants coming from the forests with their training teachers, take a bath in the backwaters of River Tunga, have a snack, satisfy their thirst, have a quick dip in the river again and go back to the forest.

If you want to watch these things very closely and enjoy with your family members and kids, then you should arrive Sakrebylu Elephant camp before 9 AM.

The elephants will depart from Sakrebylu at 11 AM before the rays of the sun get stronger.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: The airport is getting constructed in Shimoga. The nearest airport is located at Mangalore

Nearest Railway station: Shimoga

Road: Sakrebylu Elephant Camp is well connected by road network.

You can also take a bus or train from major cities of Karnataka to Shimoga and from Shimoga a taxi or local bus to Sakrebylu.

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