Simhanagadde, Narasimharajapura, Jwalamalini Devi, Muni Chikk Samantbhadra, Bhagwan Chandraprabhu, Parshvanath Swami Jain Temple, Jwalamalini Temple, Bhagwan Shantinath Temple, Kshetrapal Temple, Manastambha, Birur, Bangalore, Mangalore
Simhanagadde, Narasimharajapura, Jwalamalini Devi, Muni Chikk Samantbhadra, Bhagwan Chandraprabhu, Parshvanath Swami Jain Temple, Jwalamalini Temple, Bhagwan Shantinath Temple, Kshetrapal Temple, Manastambha, Birur, Bangalore, Mangalore
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Simhanagadde is a beautiful Jain pilgrim center located in picturesque location in Narasimharajapura Taluk adjacent to Narasimharajapura Town in Chikmagalur district.
Shri Kshetra Simhanagadde is well-known for Atishaya of Jwalamalini Devi - the Yakshini of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu. Roughly 600 years ago the headquarters of 'Ger-soppa Soduv Empire' was existing at a distance of 27 km from 'Honnavar' in Uttara Kannada District. The Queen Channa Vera Devi the wife of Jain King have constructed more than 700 temples. Following the attack of Portuguese the Queen was defeated and temples were ruined. The ruined Jain temples still exist and you can pay a visit to them.

At the moment only Muni Chikk Samantbhadra viewed Goddess Jawalamalini in his dream. Goddess Jawalamalini Devi informed him in one of his dreams that 'shortly her temple is going to be destroyed then she ordered him to establish her statue at that location where the cow and lion be supposed to play together'. After this dream Chikk Samantbhadra took statue from the temple and began the seek out on bullock cart for a few protected location.

At the distance 2 km from Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura), he witnessed that both cow as well as lion were playing together without any enmity. For the reason that circumstances of this location was just like conditions that Jwalamalini Devi informed in dream, hence he got temple built at this spot and installed the reverenced idol of Jwalamalini.

Following the establishment of temple, this place got the name Simhanagadde. Simhanagadde in addition remained devotional hub for some Saints.

Atishaya: The idol of Jwalamalini is attractive and amazing. The miracle is that desires of devotees get fulfilled at this place.

Main Temple and Idol at Simhanagadde:

You can find 6 temples located in Jwalamalini Atishaya Kshetra, Simhanagadde. Both antique and latest sorts of temples are present at this place.

Bhagwan Chandraprabhu (Chandranath) Temple is the very first temple, that is reconstructed at the place of ancient one. The 4 feet high Padmasanasth marble idol of Bhagwan Chandranath is the main deity of the temple. Temple is made in square area and its gate of recent style is kind of attractive. There are sky-high spire and this temple is constructed by squared stones.

The next temple of Simhanagadde is popular as Parshvanath Swami Jain Temple. Based on inscriptions found from this place it is evident that this temple was built in the reign of King Krishnadeva Raya of Vijaynagar, this unique inscription is even now available in this temple. The 5 feet high standing idol of Parshvanath surmounted by 9 serpent hoods is very beautiful. Together with idols of Teerthankaras, idols of goddess Saraswati as well as Padmawati are as well installed at this place.

Jwalamalini Temple is the third temple of Simhanagadde Kshetra. The idol of Jwalamalini - the Yakshini of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu is made from Bronze. This is quite eye-catching as well as beautiful carved.

The lot of open area is left around the temple. You can find pond behind this temple as well as many lotus flowers bloom in this pond. Therefore the view of temple has happen to be quite attractive.

Bhagwan Shantinath Temple is the fourth temple of Simhanagadde and in this temple 4 feet high Padmasanasth marble statue of main deity Bhagwan Shantinath is installed. The gate made of wood of this temple is quite creative.

The fifth temple of Simhanagadde is the Muth-Mandir and very old statues of Bhagwan Bahubali, Parshvanath, Chandraprabhu, Jwalamalini are installed at this place.

Kshetrapal Temple is the sixth temple of Simhanagadde and it is built in the premises of Muth-Mandir.

Manastambha - The 64 feet high Manastambha installed in front of the Shanthinatha Basadi consists of a Chaturmukha (four face) Shanthinatha Swamy idol. It was installed and inaugurated in 1991.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore or Bangalore International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Birur

Road: Simhanagadde is well connected to road network. Good bus facilities are available from Birur, Shimoga and Chikmagalur.

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